What have we done that has not only displeased the gods, but beset the world into a spiraling void of death?

The world of Avalon is dying.

The world is in a state of decay. Monsters roam the landscape, ravaging villages. The once blue skies turns to a blood red as the air goes stale. The oceans rot while the earth crumbles away, opening up chasms across the planet. No one knows how this happened but all point to an ancient tower that may be the salvation of the world.

Legend speaks that the now known Tower of Ruin will reverse the planet’s decay and usher in a new golden age of prosperity. But, no one has been able to climb the mighty tower and unlock its secrets.

Welcome to the 100-Floor dungeon: The Tower of Ruin. A D&D 5e campaign. Will you answer the call of the tower and bring hope and salvation to the dying world of Avalon?

The Tower of Ruin